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Check out this row of spikes: row spike 1 10 10

The [ row ] command

The [ row ] command allows you to quickly build rows of objects. The  [ row ] command takes atleast four arguments to execute:  [ row object x y length ]. Here is an example of a [ row ] built with platforms on x:0 y:10 with a length of 5:

row platform 0 10 -5

You can also create a [ row ] of spikes, or springs, or crates or more. Check out an example below:

row spike 3 12 4
row spring 0 6 -3
row crate 4 7 -10

Notice the structure of the codePop above. We first specify our command, then the object being built, then three arguments - The x,y coordinates, and the length we want the [ row ] to be. 

[ row ] Command Arguments EditEdit

In the first codePop example shown above, there are three numbers [ 0 10 -5 ]. These numbers represent the x, y, and length of the [ row ] being built. The three numbers are what we call argumentsArguments are required for this command as well as others, you won't be able to build your [ row ] without them.

Using [ row ] with ObjectsEditEdit

Below is a list of objects that you can use the [ row ] command with to arrange your Beta environment. Try them all out to see what they do.

row actor x y length row boardPlatform x y length
row boost x y length row crate x y length
row door

x y length

row impulse x y length

memory x y length


movingPlatform x y length


platform x y length


spike x y length


spring x y length


timer x y length

Using [ row ] with OptionsEditEdit

If you want to customize your [ row ] of platforms or other objects, you will have to learn how to add options after your arguments (in this case, after x,y,length). 

You can get the options of any object by running a [ get ] command on the object in question. Once you've found the option you'd like to add, you just append it to your [ row ] command. Check out the example below:

row platform 0 10 -5 angle:90 height:35 width:350

In the codePop above, the options are angle, height, and width. 

Keep in mind that there are many options for each object. Play with them!