Beta Tutorial 3 How to morph objects in your game-0

Beta Tutorial 3 How to morph objects in your game-0

The [ morph ] command

The [ morph ] command gives you the ability to transform any object of your choice into any other object of your choice. To [ morph ] one object to another, type [ morph ] into the console, click on the object you'd like to transform and then type in the object you would like it to be transformed into. Check out the example below:

morph platform-1_10 actor

morphAll in the codePop above we morphed a specific platform into an actor, a cool effect! 

Check out [ morphAll ] to see how you can transform all objects into other objects. 

Using [ morph ] with objectsEdit

Below is a list of objects that you can use the [ morph ] command with to arrange your Beta environment. Try them all out to see what they do. Keep in mind that you will need to click on the object you want to [morph] to get its unique ID. Also, object in the table below needs to be replaced with the object you want to morph into. Here are a few examples of this command:

morph spike2_12 spring
morph actor0 crate
morph spring9_3 boardPlatform

'actor' object


'boardPlatform' object


'boost' object

morph crate object

'door' object

morph impulse object
morph memory object morph

'movingPlatform' object

morph platform object morph spike object
morph spring object morph timer object

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