Beta Tutorial 4 How to get and set object properties in your game-0

Beta Tutorial 4 How to get and set object properties in your game-0

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 1.10.29 AM

getting the properties of ball0. Notice the information in the console on the right.

The [ get ] command

The [ get ] command is used to obtain all the different options applicable to an object. You can [ get ] any object in the game. All you have to do is write [ get  ] in the terminal, and click the object you want to get. The console will populate itself with the unique ID of the object you've clicked. This is an example of using the [ get ] command on a specific ball:

get ball0

It's that easy! If you look in the picture, you will see all the information that is printed to the console upon application of the [ get ] command.

To play an in-game tutorial for the [get] and [set] commands, enter the following codePop command into the terminal.

level play readygetset king

Why use the [ get ] command?Edit

The [ get ] command is one of the most useful tools in Beta. It allows you to get all options of each object in your environment and lets you know what you can change about objects with the [ set ] command. Using the [ set ] command will allow you to change the various options of any object in your environment. 

Take some time to learn these two commands, you will need a good understanding of how they work to really unlock the potential of each object in your environment. The [ get ] and [ set ] commands go hand in hand.

Using [get] and [set] to change OptionsEdit

The example above [get ball0] will show the options of that ball in the output of the console. If you chose to change the [height] of the ball, you would use [set] like so:

set ball0 height:140

Remember that you can change any option of any object with the [set] command.

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