Game Controls

In-Game Controls Edit

Mechanic Control
Shoot Left Click or F Key
Dash Double tap A or D Key
Jump Space Bar
Duck S Key or Down
Grapple Right Click or E Key
Pick Up C Key + Direction
Carry Pick Up + Walk
Throw R Key + Mouse Direction
Ground Pound Down + Space ( in air )
Slide Duck + Space ( on ground )
Run Hold Q
Double Jump Space Bar ( in air )
Swim Space Bar ( in water )
Enter Console Mode Enter ( Return ) key

Code Controls ( while in console mode ) Edit

Action Hotkey
Auto-Complete Tab Key ( while cursor in input )
Go back in code history Up Arrow ( while cursor in input )
Go forward in code history Down Arrow ( while cursor in input )
Run Command Enter Key ( with code in input )
View X,Y location Move mouse over game screen
Close helper window esc key
Exit Console Mode esc key ( x2 ) or enter key ( with no code in input )