What is Beta?

Beta! Teaser Trailer

Beta! Teaser Trailer

Beta is an immersive open game world that allows players to easily play, create and share games. Play as Beta and manipulate objects and properties using a simple programming language called CodePOP. Designed for anyone with or without previous game programming experience, Beta allows players to straddle the line between gamer and developer.

Check out to download the game and to learn more!


Somewhere out there, at the center of vast inter-webs is a secret digital world, The Betanet. This is the home of Beta; a cute and courageous artificial intelligence. Designed to create, learn and play, Beta loves games, adventure and code! Here in the Betanet anything is possible. Whatever Beta imagines becomes reality. In fact, this entire world is a collection of Beta's thoughts.

Play as Beta.  Recover powerful memories scattered across an epic expanse of code.  Uncover Beta's true power and unleash your design potential.


Beta is only available for the MAC and Windows operating systems.

We apologize to all of you linux users. We are currently working on a solution.

Getting Started

Beta is an open gameworld where all of the content is made by players. Some games are by themselves and others are connected together. TeamBeta provides a sequence of games called Codepop101 that will help you get settled in the new world. Once you've played through these levels we encourage you to explore other games.

Here are some other useful resources for playing BETA:

Basic Codepop

  • What is CodePop?
  • Common Commands
    • add : add an object to the game
    • col : create a column of objects
    • get  : get the property of an object
    • remove : removes one or more objects from the game
    • removeAll : removes all of one type of object
    • row : create a row of objects
    • say: make an actor character "say" something
    • set  : change the properties of an object
    • setAll : change the properties of all objects of a type
    • undo : undoes the last command
    • morph : transform one object into another
    • spawn : place your character where the spawn point is
    • delay : runs a command after a given amount of time has passed
    • tween : animate an object's property over a period of time
    • gravity : use this package to turn gravity on and off
  • Download the {{ #NewWindowLink: | Codepop Cookbook ( PDF ) }}

Advanced Codepop

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