Beta Tutorial 1 How to add objects to your game-0

Beta Tutorial 1 How to add objects to your game-0

The [ add ] command

The [ add ] command adds an object of your choice to the environment. Running the [add ] command will place the object two (x) coordinates in front of your current location in the direction you're facing. 

Play our [ add ] tutorials in the Nexus for a more comprehensive and interactive exploration of the [ add ] command. To get to the [ add ] tutorial, take Beta left from the Nexus starting point and go to the codePop Arcade.

The [ add ] tutorial games can be found here [ level play codepopadd0 king 

Using [ add ] with objectsEdit

Below is a list of objects that you can use the [ add ] command with to arrange your Beta environment. Try them all out to see what they do.

add actor add movingPlatform
add boost

add platform

add crate add spring
add door add spike
add impulse add timer
add memory

Using [ add ] with optionsEdit

When adding an object you can include object properties to the command. For example: You can

specify where to [ add ] objects by writing the desired (x) and (y) coordinates. Note that the numbers in the example below are not set, you can use whichever you'd like in your level. The command will look like this: 

add platform x:3 y:5
Additional Examples:
add spring angle:45 x:6 y:2
add crate height:35 width:100